The Wine Lady


Affectionately dubbed the “The Wine Lady” by her students, Jameelah Lewis, is a known and trusted wine enthusiast and educator. She obtained her Wine & Spirit Education Trust WSET certification from Capital Wine School in Washington, DC. 

In 2014, she launched Fruit of the Vine, LLC (FOTV) taking hundreds of wine novices and veterans on the journey of wine knowledge and appreciation. In 2018, her fermented vision of opening a wine bar was complete. She opened Uncorked Wine Bar in Washington, DC in August 2018. 

Jameelah envisions a world in which everyone has the confidence to explore, ask questions, and find the joy in challenging themselves in selecting wine. Dedicated to sharing her love and knowledge of wine, she loves moments when she can guide someone to fall in love with a different grape they would have not ever considered before.

 Jameelah’s spirited students shout her mantras, “Be kind to your wine”, and “Not sure…Pinot Noir” with vigor at Uncorked's sold out events.